Who We Help 

The Trust services a broad array of needs.  At it's most basic level it provides supplementary feeding for the children who do not have enough to eat.  Everyone who engages at the centre is also offered life-skills training and special education where needed.  Other more complicated cases are offered more intensive support in the form of home visits, connection to other agencies and the provision of special equipment.  Read more about the children you can help. 


Skumbuzo and Moses live 13km from Centenary-Muzarabani main road.  They are aged 16 and 8 years respectively. Skumbuzo and Moses Mafuta were born with disabilities 

The centre is providing regular food delivery, social support and life skills trainings for self-reliance to Skumbuzo, whilst Moses is being taught adaptive skills, basic literacy and numeracy. 


Winner has is an orphan, disabled since birth, who is cared for by his 9 year old sister Greatwin.

The centre is teaching him adaptive skills, basic education as well as psycho-social support.

The centre also supports his 3 year old sister who has AIDS.


Ronald, 6 years old developed physical disability through an infection.  He has great difficulty walking. He can not attend school because of his disability 

The centre is teaching him basic numeracy, literacy and adaptive skills. We also provide him with monthly food hamper allocation.